polygraph (2015)


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released May 8, 2015

Music and lyrics by Collide And Discord.
Recorded by Roland Böffgen @ Hard Drive Sounds Studio
and Antonio Raimondo @ Tims Basement.
Mixed and Mastered by Roland Böffgen.
Artwork & Design by Julian George.
Guest vocals on Achromasia by Kolbi (Turn Away).
Guest vocals on Fell Short Of Subject by Heiko (Deliver).



all rights reserved


COLLIDE AND DISCORD Stuttgart, Germany


Contact: mail@collideanddiscord.de
Booking: dave@collideanddiscord.de
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XXX CAD refuses to accept any kind of fascism, nationalistic bullshit, homophobia and sexism and do not even start with any kind of your fashion shit! XXX
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Track Name: Profane
I use to carry a settled dream in my wounded heart. Not spending days by fearing some kind of god. Life is short and i'm a suspicious man. I won't recline at the wall that our fathers built. The day may come I leave all my weight behind but still my way seems to be undefined. It's hard to learn when deaf and blind so i started using my heart and my mind. I refuse to creep by your throne anymore. Forgot the lies that i've been told. I'd rather spit into your foxing face and keep my warmth while you grow cold. You can call me unsacred. I took my head out of the sand. I woke up from my slumber and it feels good to understand. Blood rushes again through this dried out veins and my sky looks clearly. Now i keep some people around me. (Us) Candles that fool the Wind helped me to find the one valve to flood this blood-stained fundament. The wrath of god won't find me because I don't believe.
Track Name: Allright Jack
My ears bleed by the sound of a million voices asking loud. Are you in good appointment? Does it pay well? Are there anymore worthless souls to sell? With fiery eyes you chase your selfish aim while we become numbers – forget our names. Why do i have to take the blame everyday? Stop asking for more. Rather ask for less. Always on the run on a oneway track without destination without a brake. Your mind was crushed by the weight of haul. Out of control. The first in row, the king in town, the shark in the goldfishpool. But inside just a fool. All my time i wonder why the kindest finish last. Disillusioned i hang my head and remain. Get me out of this mess. Please get me out away from you. When will it end? When will greed and selfishness end up? I can't comprehend why we're weighing up prosperity with blood. Make it end. Cursed to witness all this man unkind. Make it end. Lights all anger deep inside of me. Make it end. Cut the curtain take a look behind. Make it end. I still disagree so let's make it end.
Track Name: Dusk Falls (and so will you)
In our world we're pawn in the game. How our floating shells use to explain. We're cheap tools to feed an account and to prepare our own burial ground. On this steets we'll meet and together we will bleed for the freedom and peace that we finally seize. Nothing will tear us apart. No disguise. You better not turn your back. We march till the last spark of hope has finally dropped. We don't take another walk with the desperate and our future is set. On this steets we'll meet and together we will bleed for the freedom and peace that we finally seize. Sometimes I'm about to lose hope and feel destined to pay but at least our brightest shining night will end your darkest day. Nothing will tear us apart.
Track Name: Achromasia feat. Kolbi (Turn Away)
Get out your flags. Set them up. And feel the weight half-masted above your heads. I'm sick of your commitment. You need national consciousness a strong hand that truly feeds. I say fuck your empires regime. Destroy barricades that seem unnoticed. All prejudice must go to waste. I'd like to be colour-blind. It would be nice if you would be the same. The solution to our problem. I wish i could erase all colors out of the flags you fuckin worship. 'cause there is no place for in the 21st century. Destroy barricades that seem unnoticed. All prejudice must go to waste. Can't find the words to justify the way we bend all specified. There's only hate and bodybags under the shadow of a waving flag. Imagine if we could erase all colors off of all your flags. We'd take your pride and prejudice and seal the end of this excess.
Track Name: Random
To sidetrack shall cover up the crime or even blurs a fuckin boundary. Face the facts exposed and clear that leave your beliefs behind undealed. We should have learned from yesterdays never buried in oblivion. Race is not chosen so mentally turn. Spread your mind wide open or go astray and burn. I can't wait to see you on the floor. Back to where you came from. We won't witness anymore. I can't calm down the line has been drawn. Inferior – superior and some more words in between leave the people's point of view cut and dried within. Inborn physical character is what fucking matters. Dignity of man dies by our side and all eyes stay shut. Race is not chosen so mentally turn. Spread your heart wide open or go astray and burn. Go astray and burn. Open up your mind race is fucking random and it's just a coat just what you see. Listen to that beating in your chest to understand. The only way to find inner peace is to share the same love that you would like to receive.
Track Name: Fell Short Of Subject (punk sold out) feat. Heiko (Deliver)
I see you rise. I'll watch you fall again. Sales oversize won't break a single chain. How many times have I bought that songs before? This sound seems so familiar but it couldn't wake my anger so far. There shall be a page in the books of history. A few words for the good intentions but not a name or place nor change at all. Hollow verses to singalong but nothing said and nothing done. Wake up. A print on a shirt won't start a riot itself. Restore what is real and break some shit as well. Resist. Get back on track. Be yourself. Lay down your fancy dress and show me what's left. I ever thought that there's something more and we used to stroke against the grain. But what the fuck happened to what we call community? An empty chorus 'bout nothing and broken dreams. I watch you all spend your last few bucks on the shitty tanktop your favourite band just dropped. Water the roots watch it grow again. Let's sell revolution by the words we spit my friend. Let's spit my friend. Against we spit. Let us all sell revolution by these words to make a stand.
Track Name: Unrestrained II.
Another year dripped away and uncertainty keeps me up on my toes. I feel the walls close in. Times get harder but i ain't close to die. The world turns while i'm struggling with my own fuckin pride. I refuse to bow my knees and try to escape from the tide. Then sit down by the shards of the life I ruin
finally swept under the carpet. What does it take to keep myself from sweeping? What shall i do to restore what I once left? What does it take to get me freedom? What shall i do to be no longer under control? Driven by my wildest dreams i bear life on desperate wings. All the world won't wait a sec to show me how to strike the right path. Through concrete and dirt, oppressive narrowness and gloomy uniformity. Everything looks grey and drab. The moment makes me feel unwanted. Shoulders wide through the vast. Driven by my wildest dreams i bear life on desperate wings. Now see me walk that open field the sun is burning down. It's burning down. My heart is beating a different way well this may be my shield. It's burning down. I need a shelter no dirty cage a place to stay no jail to fade in. It's burning down. I still try to disengage.